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The trip to Noodies that started an addiction to Thai food

Living three blocks north of Hell’s Kitchen is a blessing and a curse. For a foodie like myself this means RESTAURANTS! Unfortunately many of them are quite expensive and end up eating my money pretty quickly (no pun intended). The northern end of Hell’s Kitchen is flooded with bars, fake Mexican food, expensive Italian restaurants, and Thai food.

Well as I was yelping one day I came across this little Thai restaurant called Noodies. Yeah, I giggled too when I first read the name. (Can you imagine, Thai food and a show?) Anyways, the high rating and rave reviews convinced me that I had to try it out.

I arrived at around 5:30 p.m. because reviewers said that the place fills up quickly. As per usual the yelpers were right and the place was already hopping. Luckily, many of the groups were waiting for a larger table at this little whole in the wall and my party of two was able to jump the line and squeeze into a tight end table. I ordered the tom ka soup with chicken and a Thai ice tea, while my friend ordered the Thai basil fried rice a yuzu (japanese lemon) drink.

While sipped our refreshing drinks and waited for our food, we admired the wall of ceramic bowls. The colorful array of asian inspired bowls were quite fun to look at. I also took a trip to the bathroom and they had a fun little cluster of lights in there.

The tom ka soup was delicious. It was filled with vegetables and shrimp and chicken. On the bottom there was a giant cluster of thick cut rice noodles. It was a good thing that the hostess left a bottle of water on the table because as usual I added a little bit too much spice to my soup. But then again, I love that burning sensation as the lemony creamy coconut broth trickles down my throat.

I tried my friends dish as well and it was also delicious. However, I would not order a fried rice dish at a restaurant because I feel you could make it at home. Nonetheless we both enjoyed our meals and couldn’t wait to return.

**Note**: Since this original visit I have been back at least three times. Did I mention I have an addiction? It turns out it is best to go during lunch because then you get a free side salad with a ginger dressing and your choice of a crisp eggroll, mushroom dumpling, steamed dumpling, or vegetable tempura. While both sides are small its still something EXTRA!


830 9th Ave

(btw 54th & 55th)


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