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3 Story Ideas

Courtesy: New York Times/James Wilson

Courtesy: New York Times/James Wilson

  1. iPhone announcement and survey of how many Fordham students plan on purchasing one.
  2. Will and Kate’s Second Baby- As a professor specializing in political science or social media at Fordham how the arrival of the second baby will affect the Royal Family both politically and socially.
  3. Investigation into the life of a Fordham student who’s family is from or lives near the West Bank or Gaza Strip.

A tech news announcement would have a lot of press images as well as graphs and charts. For the iPhone announcement I would make charts showing how many students plan on buying the new iPhone and make another graphic showing what brands of phones the Fordham population currently has. I also think it would be important to gather a couple sound bites of students reactions to the iPhone’s new features.

Everyone is interested in the arrival of the new royal baby. But just like the arrival of Prince George, there will be a lot of speculation about how the new baby will affect the Royal Family. Having a social media or political science professor would be great to speak on this topic. Additionally it would be interesting to learn if there is anyway for the Royal Family to leverage the birth of their new baby to advance their political agenda. I see this piece using a lot of archival footage of Prince George and his father when he was young.

The Middle East is constantly being portrayed as a home to mongrels and war-loving monsters. However, behind the dust and rubble of the grenade blasts, real civilians live day to day carrying on with their lives. It would be interesting to find a Fordham student who is from one of the war zones and see how the war has or hasn’t affected them or their family. This piece would be an audio piece. I would want the viewer to just hear the words and not be distracted by any images so that the listener can come to his or her own conclusions.


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