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Shot List for Second Story

Story Pitch: Anne Marie’s friend works for Manhattan Sideways, which is a company that explores and documents the side streets of Manhattan. The idea is to follow Anne Marie’s friend and film how she documents the city and chooses her locations. We would also like to revisit three of her favorite spots that she believes Fordham students would enjoy as well.

Shot List:

  1. Interview with Anne Marie’s friend:
  • Questions:
    • How did you discover this job?
    • What do you like about this job?
    • What are the most interesting places you’ve documented?
    • Can you explain your process?
    • How many places have you documented?
    • Any cool stories along the way?
    • What do you plan to document next?
  1. Graphics

Map of Manhattan with Anne Marie’s friend’s favorite places in the city pinpointed.

  1. B-Roll
  • Different angles of her favorite places
  • Her in action doing her job
  • Traveling shots
  • Shots of her preparing for her day
  • Working on her cellphone/taking pictures

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