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Fordham Shopping 2014

Fordham Shopping 2014

For my final project I would like to make a video about holiday shopping. I would take statistics from 2013 and compare them with projections for the 2014 holiday shopping season that is before us. The statistics would come from the National Retail Federation.


Statistics that would be illustrated on the site include:

How much is spent during Black Friday?

How much is spent during Christmas?

How many people go out shopping?

What are the most popular items for different age groups?


Interview Questions About Fordham Students’ Shopping Habits:

Who do you buy presents for?

What do you buy?

How much do you spend per person usually?

What is your go to present this year?


Shots Needed:

  • Four illustrated graphs
  • Broll- tight shot of Fordham students’ hands touching items in a store.
  • Broll- Wide shot of student walking into store.
  • 2-3 Interviews
  • Broll-show student paying cash register

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